Zoe Henderson is an experienced account manager at the Ellis Recruitment Group. With years of recruitment experience, Zoe has been through every situation with candidates and clients on their recruitment journey. Below is the first part of her “Job Hunting Tips” series.

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It is a busy time in the IT recruitment sector. The world of work has changed drastically in the last two years, with Brexit affecting business worldwide, the COVID pandemic, and in the UK – IR35, all affecting the contract industry and beyond.

Thankfully the market has picked up, and things are slowly returning to normal. Oracle recruiters are busier than we have ever been. However, the permanent sector has changed forever.

Oracle clients have now realised that flexible working is a genuinely viable option and are far more open to candidates working from home, meaning that taking a role as a permanent employee is a much more attractive option for candidates. You get job security, the benefits such as a pension and healthcare, and you can work from your home, only travelling to the office or client sites when necessary.

The change in the working model has made life much better for everyone, with candidates having a better work-life balance, and clients have reduced costs on office space and much happier employees.

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 Job hunting tips for IT candidates

With the Oracle job market now being so busy with vacancies and candidates looking for Oracle work, it is essential to give yourself an edge that enables you to find the perfect role and make your job application stand out from all the other CVs.

 Make your CV relevant

Most candidates will have a multitude of skills and experience in different roles and technologies. If you have been in the IT industry for many years, getting all that information on one CV will often run into 10-15 pages. I always recommend that my candidates have a ‘generic’ CV showing their primary areas of expertise. When they want to apply for a role, they tweak that CV to highlight their relevant experience for the job. It will give you a much better chance of actually getting past the IT recruitment team and in front of the hiring manager.

Suppose you are applying for a role with a client looking for Oracle Project Managers, for example, and there is only one sentence on your CV describing your experience. In that case, you are probably not going to get an interview. If you have experience in the areas that the client is looking for, then MAKE IT CLEAR. The recruitment team aren’t mind readers, and they may also not know about all the technical ‘ins and outs’ of the technology, so you need to make it black and white on your CV.

Adverts and LinkedIn

Job boards, websites and platforms like LinkedIn are handy places to find a new role. Lots of companies and recruiters will advertise on these sites, and it will give you a good idea of the available jobs and contracts and which clients are hiring.

However, lots of these sites aren’t up to date, some of the roles will have gone, and others may not show you all the information, such as the client details or salary. It is also easy to get overwhelmed with the vast number of advertised jobs, and you will also duplicate applications that don’t go in your favour at the end of the day.

My advice would be to focus on what roles you want or look at companies in a specific area or industry that you want to work.

More Job Hunting Tips

Zoe will be offering more of her insights soon. Stay tuned for Part Two of the series. If you are looking for your next contract Oracle job, contact the Oracle team. We will be happy to assist.

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