Java Developer

Engagement Type: Development

Description: JAVA / VB.NET Analyst-Programmer.

Minimum Years Experience: 5 Years

5 compétences clés requises:

– Spirit of initiative.
– Communication skills and ability to integrate into an innovative team.
– Have good working autonomy in the analysis, design and implementation of IT projects.
– In-depth knowledge of JAVA J2EE programming with RAD7 or Eclipse.
– In-depth knowledge of VB.Net programming (.net framework) and VisualStudio.

5 domaines de responsabilité:

-Knowledge of the Source Manager: TFS or GIT.
-Knowledge of a Relational Database Management System, DB2, Oracle.
-Knowledge of Microsoft office tools preferred.
-Like it teamwork, while being able to work independently.
-languages: French and English.

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