Mieke Bruyniks is a Recruitment Consultant with Oracle Contractors and was part of the Ellis Recruitment Group’s first Accelerate Recruitment Training cohort. Originally from the Netherlands, Mieke worked in an HR administration role for a care company before joining us. We caught up with her to see how she felt after making the career change into the world of IT recruitment.

Tell us something about you that isn’t on your CV?

Travelling and experiencing new cultures is my passion. Asia and South America are at the top of my list of places to explore!

I am Dutch, and before my Accelerate Recruitment Training, I had no experience in recruitment. I come mainly from a tourism and hospitality background and have lived in the UK for about 14 years.

How did you find out about the Accelerate Recruitment Training programme, and why did you apply?

Via LinkedIn, I applied for a Trainee Recruitment Consultant position, and their global acquisition team contacted me. I love the business and everything Ellis Recruitment Group stands for – very honest people!

There is a clear pathway to work my way up in the business. I am currently studying for my CIPD Level 5 Diploma, and recruitment is a big part of any HR role.

Finally, there is the earning potential – it is endless with this job. I want to buy my own house at some point – this job can help me do this.

What were you doing before joining the Ellis Recruitment Group?

I am not one for sitting still and am always on the move (according to my boyfriend). I was doing the recruitment for a care company that involved many interviews and lots of paperwork.

Additionally, I am a freelance translator for an up-and-coming fashion retailer. Before that, I had a tourism background and worked for a Tour Operator doing business development until COVID came along, and they made me redundant. This role came up at the right time!

What were the standout moments from the Accelerate Recruitment Training programme so far?

The people are what make the business. Everything is very organised, and the personal touches are remembered and appreciated. All expenses are taken care of, and the trainers and teachers are great at what they do. The culture stood out at Ellis Recruitment Group – it is kind, caring, fun, helpful, upbeat and supportive.

At the end of the training, I felt confident I would smash it in the new job – this is obviously important!

What are you looking forward to in your new career?

I am looking forward to making this a long-lasting career, growing within the business, and living comfortably. I am a people person; developing my clients and contractor network is essential, thus creating loyal candidates for trusted clients.

What is it like working for Ellis Recruitment Group?

You work with amazing people, have great support, and the upbeat atmosphere is what I love. It is fun speaking to different contractors and clients daily as everyone has a story and different personalities.

Any role has its good and bad days. Of course, it is a great feeling when you resourced a role, and they hire the person you covered for the role.

Different people, different ways of working – I like to be straight to the point, not beating around the bush and say what is on my mind; I can do that at Ellis Recruitment Group.

Why should people apply for the Accelerate Recruitment Training programme?

There are excellent prospects, and the teaching is absolutely outstanding; for someone not knowing anything about technology recruitment, I am now super confident. Any Trainee needs the willingness to put in the work and see the “bigger picture”. Patience is a must – but Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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