How long have you been with Ellis Recruitment Group, and what attracted you to the recruitment industry?

I joined the Oracle Contractors business in 2014. After working in the retail industry for five years, I was approached about working in the recruitment industry and jumped at the opportunity. My main attraction to working in recruitment was a stable salary and the potential commission earnings! I have always been a people person and found it very easy to interact with others and particularly enjoy building relationships.

What do you think sets the Ellis Recruitment Group apart from other recruitment consultancies?

At Ellis Recruitment Group, we are all about culture. We have a corporate strategy with supportive values. Our recruitment teams are well connected, professional and personal. In turn, our broader teams are experts in their fields. Anyone who joins our team must be an asset to our culture, and in turn, we ensure that they are supported to ensure that they are ready for success. We are one big family, and all have one thing at the heart of it – to be the best of the best.

What have been the standout moments for you since you have been with the Company?

There have been several great social events and incentives that I have attended, including Henley Regatta – the sun was shining, there was a great atmosphere, excellent guests and a great time all round.

A stand out in my career has been a discussion around my career progression. Ellis Recruitment Group is on a steep growth curve. Due to this expansion, they needed a Sales Enablement Manager – it is a role to assist current and future recruitment teams. The directors had identified my skill sets, interest in technology and my fit for the position. It was an opportunity that I was able to put my years of experience resourcing to good use. My first project in the role was to deliver our CRM upgrade and create best practice procedures for our people.

Congratulations on your new role – what does a day in the life of a Sales Enablement Manager look like?

I am not sure if there is a typical day, and that’s what makes it exciting! Essentially, the purpose of my role is to ensure that I am supporting our people by training them on optimising our sales systems, which will maximise efficiency.

I play an active part in our Accelerate Trainee Recruitment programme, ensuring that anyone joining the business understands how to navigate our sales systems and processes. Thorough training increases success when using our recruitment tools, its also essential that Trainees are aware that the support doesn’t end at the end of the programme. My role is to continue to provide support throughout their career.

The final segment of my role is looking at technology trends to identify any enhancements that can be made to our systems that will benefit our recruitment teams.

What excites you most about your role, and how do you measure your success?

What excited me was being in our different offices and working alongside all of my colleagues. I am at the forefront of supporting the team, looking at ways to maximise the team’s potential and business reach.

Success in my role is the performance of the team and also our people’s engagement. My goal is to make the teams’ life as simple and easy as possible to do their job. At the end of the day, if they are maximising their take home, it’s a job well done for me.

If you are looking for a new job in the recruitment industry and like the sound of the Ellis Recruitment Group's Accelerate programme, we have various jobs available for: Trainee Recruiters, Experienced Recruitment Consultants, Recruitment Managers.

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